How To Play The E7 Chord

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The E Major 7 Guitar Chord

E7 Chord

This picture shows exactly how an E7 chord is played on the guitar.

The blue dots represent what strings and frets your fingers would press on The thick black bar with the numbers 0 2 0 1 0 0 on top of it represents the saddle that the guitar strings sit in just before reaching the tuning posts. If you are really struggling, you should take a look at how to read a chord diagram.

The numbers represent which FRET you would play that particular string on. So following left to right (thickest guitar string to thinnest) the 0 means you play the string open, meaning you don’t press on any fret.

The next one is a 2, meaning you play that second string on the 2nd fret. Next is an open string again, then the first fret for the 4th string, followed by two more open strings.

When you play all the strings together, you get the lovely E7 Chord!

It’s a lovely sounding chord and can be found in the following songs!

Brian Wilson – Barenaked Ladies
Pretty Woman – Roy Orbinson
Yesterday – Beatles
Black – Pearl Jam

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